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Colin Bates

Minister Colin Bates Tutor and Course Organiser at The Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, England. Registered Spiritualist Healer. Public Demonstrator of Mediumship, Teacher and Lecturer of Mediumistic and Spiritual Development from Beginners to Advanced Students.


A great many people in our world have an inbuilt awareness and sensitivity, often experiencing events, thoughts and feelings that can relate to the energy of the Spirit World. It has been my pleasure for the last twenty years to explore and teach the many pathways of the Spirit.


Transformation of the Soul Journey

Mediumistic & Spiritual Development​

(Open to all levels)

Join esteemed Arthur Findlay Tutor, Medium Colin Bates, for a dynamic training program to take your mediumship to the next level.  The training includes enriching tutorials, empowering meditations and scheduled group & partner practice sessions.  Aspects of mediumistic & personal unfoldment to be covered, include:

  • Personal development - Know Thyself:  Colin guides you on a journey of self-development that includes meditation and unfoldment exercises;

  • The Power:  Learn to Build, Maintain and Sustain the Power -- the fuel for every communication with the Spirit World.  This is essential for clear connection and communication;


  • Mediumistic Unfoldment:  Throughout the year, Colin will teach various aspects of mental mediumship, including theory as well as practical aspects of bringing through specific evidence, unfolding the communication and understanding the message;


  • Trance Development will be taught to enhance the mediumistic experience;


  • Private readings:  From the Psychic to the Spirit, we will focus on various aspects of reading for clients;


  • Overcoming common and specific obstacles within your mediumistic unfoldment and spiritual journey;


  • Working with the Public:  Learning to demonstrate in front of small and larger groups;


  •  Partner and self-evaluation will be included to help keep track of your improvement.


  • Monthly Tutorial Sessions with Colin Bates;

  • Monthly "Power-Up" Meditations to build your own power and strengthen your connection with the Spirit World;

  • Live Question & Answer time with Colin (also recorded);

  • Mentoring with Colin:  Each student receives a private mentoring session with Colin;

  • Downloadable audio 'Self Empowerment' by Colin Bates;

  • A dedicated facebook group for students:​

    • Partner Practice 

    • Online Support from Colin & Alyson​

  • Class Assignments/Homework to help you;

  • Reading Recommendations to support your development;

  • Monthly Practice Sessions facilitated by Alyson; 

  • Class Recordings to keep for your spiritual library;

  • Certificate of Completion from Minster Colin Bates, long standing tutor and course organizer at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College.


PAY IN FULL:  $1995 REGULAR // EARLY BIRD $1,850 when paid in full before first day of class.

PAYMENT PLAN: $1995 US total  $400 Deposit now + $145/month.  Those on the payment plan, please note, the total program cost is $1995

All payments are final (no refunds).​

Questions?  Contact Alyson Gannon

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